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 San Antonio carpet cleaning service


April 27, 2016


Leon Springs Pet Urine Removal - Alamo City Chem-Dry

Carpet cleaning in Leon Springs has a great pet urine removal treatment option thanks to Alamo City Chem-Dry.We respect the love and care you give your pets and we want to help by way of our P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) process.

carpet cleaning san antonio tx


February 29, 2016

carpet cleaning san antonio

Tired of filthy carpets? Well, lucky for you Alamo City Chem-Dry can take care of all that. Alamo City Chem-Dry gives you the option of choosing your carpet cleaning package prior to the scheduled appointment.

carpet cleaning san antonio tx


January 29th, 2016

carpet cleaning san antonio        Carpet Cleaning San Antonio - How to Check Your Carpet


 The first part is easy, just take a good look at the carpeted areas in your home. Your search for possible carpet concerns should begin at the entrances of your home. When observing the carpet by your entrance, can you pick out spots and discoloration? If you notice a darkened change in color, then it’s time to get a San Antonio carpet cleaning provided by Alamo City Chem-Dry.

Carpet Cleaning San Antonio -

 November 20, 2015

San Antonio carpet cleaning service

It's the time of year where carpets get the dirtiest and carpet cleaners are a must. Alamo City Chem-Dry is filling the holidays with carpet cleaning specials, trust us, you won’t want to miss out on the most advanced cleaning technology in the industry. Read More...


 August 20, 2015


carpet cleaning san antonio tx

 Have a Stain Free School Year by Adding Protectant to Your Carpet

 The fall season is around the corner, and that means the kids are back in school and your house is most likely troubled from the bacteria's that have been abandoned from an adventurous summer. What better time for carpet cleaning than the months of August and September? Begin the school year off on the right foot by cleaning your carpets with Alamo City Chem-Dry. While the kids are in school give Alamo City Chem-dry a call for a fast powerful carpet cleaning that only takes 1-2 hours to dry.

Improve the health and state of mind of your family by letting Alamo City Chem-Dry place a carpet protectant in your home. We are aware that mishaps happen, especially with new school year functions, so be prepared to fight against the damages in your home by applying protectant on your carpet. Protectant is a product we offer that will serve as an invisible shield to guard and protect your carpet from unattractive stains. Protectant permits you more hours to wash spills before they transform into nasty stains.

There is often some kind of protectant on newly installed carpet but ultimately that protectant wears off. We realize that it’s a hassle to clean and add protectant to your carpet, but if you know that you are overdue for a carpet cleaning and would also like to add protectant, Alamo City  Chem-Dry are the carpet cleaners for you. Get ready for the future and give your home an impressive new feel with carpet cleaning and protectant treatment. Be sure that your carpets are risk-free by adding protectant this school year! Calm down and breathe easy, knowing that Alamo City Chem-Dry technicians are highly skilled and authorized to lengthen the life of your carpet!